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World leaders in Electronic health record enabled clinical trials

We use our innovative technology to improve healthcare for everyone – patients, health services, pharmaceutical companies and the clinical research community. We are industry leaders, working at the leading edge of health informatics and electronic health record (EHR) enabled clinical trials.

The future - Electronic health record enabled clinical trials

The adoption of electronic health record (EHR) enabled clinical trials will be essential for pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their new treatments in the real world. Our LDS technology now known as ConneXon connects electronic health records (EHRs) across primary and secondary care, and enables rapid patient recruitment, reduces clinical trial development time and costs. It also increases responsiveness to patient safety through near real-time monitoring. This technology could be applied to any established health economy across the globe. This has the potential to change the way that clinical trials are conducted in the future by ensuring drugs get to market faster and therefore improving patient outcomes.

Benefits of EHR enabled clinical trials

  • Direct Access source data directly so reducing the need for large-scale electronic case report form (eCRF) and accompanying transcription errors
  • Adaptive study design
  • Real-time safety monitoring
  • Availability of richer and more inclusive data with the option of historic data on enrolment and the potential to follow up trial cohort following the end of the study
  • Fewer trial resources required resulting in lower trial monitoring costs
  • Real-time data from multiple sources

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Professor Martin Gibson

Every patient interaction with a healthcare provider produces data. We develop software and services to support clinical trials, evaluations and health improvement.

Professor Martin Gibson - Chief Executive Officer - NorthWest EHealth

Our promise

We believe that utilising the data in consented patient health records for electronic health record (EHR) enabled clinical trials drives positive improvements to benefit patients. That's why we promise to:

  • Utilise our innovative technology to break the mould of traditional randomised clinical trials
  • Offer better reporting on safety and effectiveness in near real time to bring new medicines to patients faster
  • Drive knowledge creation through use of existing electronic healthcare records, improving accuracy while reducing costs
  • Handle data sensitively, securely and responsibly
  • Forge links between public health services, academia and pharmaceutical industry innovators

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