Feasibility is the starting block for you to begin your clinical trial. We can help you by running complex and powerful searches over our depersonalized patient record footprint in Greater Manchester to locate eligible patients who can be screened and invited to participate in your study by their family doctor.

How we work with you during the feasibility phase

We create a tailored feasibility study utilising one or more of our following services:

  • We interrogate our existing healthcare data to identify where your drug, device or intervention is likely to provide the most benefit to patients and the wider NHS.
  • We support you in designing and testing your protocol using FARSITE.
  • We provide you with access to our extensive network of clinicians and the wider Manchester health eco system.
  • We will help you to recruit patients and assist you in identifying sites for your trial.

Our experts will support you with identifying potential data sources to measure study end points.


Here are some of the unique benefits of working with us during the feasibility phase of your trial;

  • Increased confidence of patient recruitment to time and target - enabled through use of FARSITE augmented with detailed local site knowledge.
  • More accurate modelling of potential value - using large, detailed, linked, and longitudinal patient level data from existing electronic health records (EHR).
  • Improved study success rates - by testing and refining early protocol designs using real world data, clinical expertise, and electronic health record (EHR) know-how.

FARSITE is an incredibly powerful tool

It never ceases to amaze me how surprised and impressed our clients are when we use FARSITE to identify thousands of real patients for their studies in literally seconds.

Dr Paul Jarvis - Business Development Manager - NorthWest EHealth


Feasibility is the starting block for you to begin your clinical trial. We can help you by running complex and powerful searches over our depersonalized patient records.

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Design & mobilisation

We provide experts that enable you to design and mobilise a trial that allows you to gain the most value from the very start of the trial process.

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Trial delivery and data management

Our team of experts will deliver your electronic health record enabled trial right from the initial stages we will be there to facilitate, support, and advise throughout.

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Data analysis & archiving

Our validated technologies extract existing EHR data directly from source healthcare systems ready for transformation into clinical trial data that will be provided to you as a system independent data set formatted in accordance with your data requirements and Data Standards.

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Through our unique relationship with the NHS and academic organisations we are able to provide a single point of contact for you to procure consultancy to help you both enhance your organisations capability and deliver your EHR enabled trial program.

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Evaluation of complex interventions

NWEH is experienced in designing and delivering evaluation programmes for Complex Interventions. We can help you create the evidence needed to support the approval and sale of your Complex Intervention to the NHS.

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