GSK announce initial results for COPD trial on Salford Lung Studies

Posted: May 24, 2016

NWEH are pleased to report that GSK have announced the initial results for the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) trial on Salford Lung Studies (SLS). The results show a superior reduction in exacerbations for COPD patients on Relvar / Ellipta. (Salford Lung Study Results)

This is a positive result for the study sponsor, GSK, and for the study partners as a group. For NWEH, this result builds on our proven ability to link consenting patient data from across an entire health economy: primary care; secondary care; national feeds; community pharmacies; out of hours amongst others. To deliver this 2802 patient study (and the Asthma study of 4200) NWEH has developed unique capabilities in finding, validating, extracting and secure storage and management of consented healthcare data.  Our teams have an unrivalled experience and understanding of the availability of healthcare data and the processes and systems required to support an Electronic Health Record (EHR) trial.

As well as the achievements in terms of the study and its delivery, at the study core is the patient:

Dr John New, Clinical Director for SLS says: “Chronic bronchitis is a dreadful condition where patients are constantly short of breath. The results of the Salford Lung Study show that people receiving Relvar / Ellipta, in a real life setting, are less likely to have exacerbations of their bronchitis compared to people on current treatments. North West EHealth has enabled the Sponsor GSK to deliver this RCT by developing an infrastructure to use the patients existing electronic medical record, this is just the type of evidence that doctors and patients need when deciding what treatment is best“.

By collecting healthcare information both quickly and efficiently, in line with best practice guidelines for security of patient data, NWEH can offer improved patient safety, high quality data and shorter timelines for studies. This digitally enhanced design is a new and innovative approach to clinical trials; it is anticipated that the study methodology and underpinning technology could be used in future studies, not just in Greater Manchester but worldwide.

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