Leadership needed to scale up health tech

Posted: Jul 08, 2015

NorthWest EHealth exhibited at the University of Salford's Digital Health Summit yesterday; an event which challenged clinicians and suppliers alike on how to address the challenges facing uptake of technology across the NHS.

NWEH exhibited at the University of Salford event, showcasing our real world evidence capabilities to clinicians, public health leaders and researchers.

There was plenty of enthusiasm to meet the challenges involved in fostering innovation and ensuring technology is fit for purpose.

The event featured high profile speakers and clinical leaders, from the NHS Confederation's Mike Farrar to Professor David Haslam, chair of NICE.

There were repeated calls for greater patient and public engagement and involvement in the design and delivery of tech-driven change.

Lord Victor again emphasised the importance of leadership within the NHS to 'pull' innovation in, and ensure that the best existing technology could be adopted at scale across the health service.

O2's Alex Walter demonstrated some of the big data they could identify and analyse, and how this could be applied to healthcare.

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