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Our leading edge technologies have enabled us to empower our pharmaceutical clients to run cost effective clinical trials from feasibility studies to full clinical trial management and delivery.


COCPIT is a tool for visualising, analysing and developing integrated care pathways at the population level. COCPIT enables the user to look at what happened to a population for any given event. It allows published pathways to be compared with actual pathways and outcomes and allows the sharing of pathways, comments and data across health economies and users.


FARSITE is a tool for searching, finding, and contacting patients with research opportunities, whilst still preserving their confidentiality. FARSITE has been developed to be used by your local clinical research network and GPs that want a safe and easy way to get involved with research.


ConneXon is the name of our trial delivery platform. ConneXon integrates patient level electronic health record data from primary care, secondary care, pharmacy and other available data sources. ConneXon has been developed to support the integration of 'real world evidence' from individually consented patients for clinical trials. The system utilises ongoing information about each study participant’s medications, symptoms and use of healthcare facilities. We use this data to monitor patient safety, manage trial performance and ultimately provide clinical trial data for analysis.

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