Our network makes us stronger

Working with us opens the doors to an entire network. We may have 70 individuals employed, but the network of expertise that they are interlinked with covers 2,000 individuals from academics to Industry pioneers. When you work with us you don’t just work with one company, you work with an entire ecosystem of researchers, academics, technologists and clinicians. We have also provided skills and expertise to support and facilitate work with the emerging Industry Strategy for Life Sciences in the UK.

Our network, and how it benefits you

Since our inception in 2008 we have built, and continue to build, strong relationships with leading clinical and academic health informatics experts to ensure that our customers receive world class services built on world class know how.  We are a commercial and a commercially astute organisation that is used to working to industry deadlines whilst maintaining trusted relationships with GPs, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and leading academic research organisations.  When you work with us you are opening the door to working with a network of 1000’s of experts.

We are a trusted advisor and we are working with both the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) to help establish value based commissioning models.

We are also working with the Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) to scale its technology and infrastructure across the north of England and provide more integrated, and more simplified, access to a patient population of 15m people.  The NHSA is an existing collaboration between eight of England's great cities and has been established to maximise the impact of health science research and to provide a go-to centre for healthcare companies.  The Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) provides benefits for commercial partners, researchers, universities, hospital, and patients through bringing together the north’s leading Universities, NHS Teaching Hospitals and four Academic Health Science Networks in one health partnership. The NHSA is a key user our FARSITE system.

​Professor Jackie Oldham

We sit at the heart of a devolved health and social care economy creating unprecedented opportunity for knowledge intensive organisations, businesses, local government and healthcare to collaborate in a dynamic, progressive environment and drive improvements in health and social care, investment in health innovation activity and economic growth for the benefit of the citizens of Greater Manchester and beyond.

​Professor Jackie Oldham - Director - Health Innovation Corridor Manchester


We are also working with UK-wide Academic Health Sciences Networks (AHSNs) that have been established under the control of NHS England to drive adoption and spread of innovation across all areas of healthcare provision and population health.  AHSNs have the remit to create a synergy between researchers in universities, industry and entrepreneurs, and the local NHS to identify and exploit and commercialise innovations that will have national and international significance.  We also work closely with the Clinical Research Network (CRN) on specific trials where there is mutual benefits (for the Clinical Research Network and our clients) in doing so.

Our enabling technology exists within the secure bounds of the NHS's N3 IT network and NHS Information Governance (IG) protocols and licences allow us to handle sensitive patient data safely and securely.  We are both respected and trusted by the NHS and wider industry.  Ensuring the highest levels of patient confidentiality and meeting stringent IG regulations when receiving, handling and analysing patient data is at the heart of our business. We are ISO 9901 and 27001 certified and have been since 2012.

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