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Powering Clinical Research


FARSITE provides a safe and convenient way for the family doctor to control the recruitment of their patients into NHS research, whilst allowing researchers to run complex and powerful anonymised searches over whole populations.

“Search in seconds, send to GPs in minutes, recruit in days.”

Sue Wood, North West Diabetes Research Network Manager

A high proportion of commercial and non-commercial clinical research in the UK fails to find the appropriate numbers of study participants to make it viable. This not only affects the reputation of the NHS and the UK as a place to carry out research, it also impacts on the length of time it takes to introduce new and important treatments.

Traditional approaches to patient recruitment, particularly recruiting patients through hospital clinics, struggle to identify suitable numbers of patients in time. Diabetes studies, for example, are still set up in hospitals, despite most people with diabetes having their care managed within primary care by their GP.

FARSITE has been designed to help solve this problem. It’s a rapid ‘search and find’ tool designed to preserve patient confidentiality. The FARSITE software provides a safe, convenient and effective way for the family GP to control the recruitment of their patients into clinical research, whilst allowing NHS-based researchers to run complex and powerful searches over anonymised population level health record data.

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