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Faster, safer, clinical research. NWEH has developed the technology platform to deliver the Salford Lung Studies for GSK. Read more to find out how our platform and services have supported the Salford Lung Study.

Read the initial results from the COPD study from Salford Lung Study. 

Every patient interaction with a healthcare provider produces data. NWEH develops software and services to support clinical trials, evaluations and health improvement. Our expertise in Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) enhanced trials has led to the development of our Linked Database System (LDS). 

NWEH's approach for Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) is to use LDS to extract as much trial data as required and practical "directly from source" thereby removing the need to take time, and spend money, transcribing, checking and approving data.  Furthermore there are no transcription errors as the data is extracted directly from source.

In addition to the cost, time and quality benefits associated with using EHR directly there is an opportunity to expand the type of data that is normally captured.  In most cases it is likely that historic patient data will be available (e.g. to track disease progression and treatment for specific patients several years before they entered the study).  It may also be possible to accurately identify detailed healthcare utilisation costs at a patient level throughout, before, and after their time on the trial.   The ability to reliably extract additional / different data even when patients have left the study creates the opportunity to change / enhance the study design; adapting to new circumstances.  There are many more ways in which existing EHR can be used for analysis that traditionally run RCTs cannot replicate.

Due to the design of the LDS system (and supporting service) patient safety can be monitored in near real-time.  As patient records are received daily from the hospitals and primary care sites that are engaged in the study, it is possible to determine if there has been a Serious Adverse Event (SAE) and to automatically report this to the PI for investigation.  The near real-time safety monitoring capabilities of the LDS system creates an opportunity for study designs that simply could not be delivered using standard RCTs.

Using LDS to access and manage existing EHR data enables studies to be designed that do not require interventions from trial staff and studies can be designed where patients are closely monitored, and data captured, without them being aware on a day to day basis. 

As all information about the patient is being channelled through the LDS system (including recruitment / randomization, medication data and their interactions with healthcare professionals) the LDS system can be used to provide a rich set of timely and accurate information to help with the management of the study at very little additional cost. For example, subject recruitment performance (by site / team), active subjects on study, re-imbursement reports.

“Salford has a rich history of pioneering health care and is now building one of the most innovative environments in the UK for conducting patient-focused health research and translating it into patient benefit. We are delighted that this ground-breaking study has taken place in Salford as a result of our close collaboration with NorthWest EHealth, GSK and Salford CCG. Together we are at the forefront of the development of healthcare focused on the needs of patients by providing modern, innovative and cost-effective care, embracing technologies, and ensuring that patients have the opportunity to take part in research. The combination of our pioneering approach to integrated care and our integrated information systems have made this study possible.” 

Sir David Dalton, Salford Royal Foundation Trust, Chief Executive


By collecting healthcare information both quickly and efficiently, in line with best practice guidelines for security of patient data, NWEH can offer improved patient safety, high quality data and shorter timelines for studies. This digitally enhanced design is a new and innovative approach to clinical trials; it is anticipated that this study methodology and underpinning technology will be used in future studies, not just in Greater Manchester but worldwide.

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